Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The unthinkable

So no pictures to go with this little post. My goal is to post more often. Saturday night my sister Karen and her two little kids (Andrew -3 and Emily - 1) came and stayed with us until Tuesday morning. We did a lot of the regular mom things but we also got to spend time together and do fun things once we got the kids to bed. Not that we didn't have fun with our kiddos. We had so much fun. I am sure she was ready to get home since they had been traveling that whole week before they got to our house but I was not ready for them to leave. I love spending time with my family and wish we could live closer. I can't believe I didn't take any pictures. I tried at one point when Noah and Emily were in Noah's car together but they came out too blurry.

I discovered a sippy cup that I like for Noah. He uses it well and it doesn't leak. We have problems with sippy cups because when he was younger he wouldn't or couldn't suck anything out of the hard spouted cups so I gave him drinks without the valve. Now he won't even try to suck on the hard spouts but soft ones he will. I suppose because he has to suck on his beloved bottles. These new sippy cups have a softer spout. So tonight I did the unthinkable. I brought a sippy of milk in with me to do our bedtime routine instead of a bottle. He drank a lot of it but would stop every once and awhile and point at his door. I knew he wanted a bottle but he drank his milk and I cuddled him and layed him in bed and...............he went to sleep. I am amazed. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I better hide all his bottles. It's time we say goodbye to them but I am not going to lie. I feel kind of sad about it. It's another part of my baby boy that is leaving and turning toddler - which is good.


Becky said...

I do not mind getting rid of the bottles....hate cleaning them and what not but, I HATE when they get too big for onsies! I love those things!

you're a good mom! Always best to do what is best for the child even though it's hard for the mom. ;-)

I love you! Let's meet up in Montana 2015...neighbors or BUST!

Mom said...

I would have liked to have been there to see Noah, Andrew & Emily together. I hope it turned out well with Tessa & Andrew. I'm glad you had a good time.

It will be easier now that Noah is doing without his bottles. Of course there is always something to complicate life but kids are sure fun.