Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stupid Mosquitos

Noah has started getting the xbox controller, turning it on, turning the tv on, and then sitting on the floor pushing buttons and then looking at the screen trying to get it to work. So here Jason was more than happy to play xbox with Noah.

They are pretty cute.


Noah brought my shoes to me today and was convinced I needed to wear them. What do you think? New fashion trend?

This isn't a great picture of it but my poor little guy got a mosquito bite under his eye. It's really red, puffy, and swollen. It looks much worse in person but this was the best shot I could get. He moves so fast and I have to use my phone to take pictures since my camera still doesn't have the cable and takes lousy pictures anyway. So most of the pictures I take of him are blurry. :)
I don't know why the mosquitos go directly to him. I guess he is so sweet and tender. :) He gets bites all the time and he always has an allergic reaction to them. Right now he has the one under his eye, a big one behind his ear, and one on his leg. He was rubbing on his eye and ear so bad I called the doctor's office and asked if Benedryl will help so he's had a dose and seems to not be as itchy.
Poor little guy fell down the stairs for the first time last night at Jason's sisters house. I guess Jason thought he put the baby gate up alright but it was too wobbly so when he pushed on it down he went. My guy had a hard day yesterday. 3 bites, falling down the stairs, and he got 2 shots. Talk about a bad day! Luckily he is alright and was more scared by the fall then anything.

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Mom said...

You reacted to mosquito bites the same way when you were little. It must be a hereditary thing. Sorry to hear he fell down the stairs. That must have happened after I talked to you.