Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lessons Learned

Today I learned 2 things.

I keep saying that we need to give Tessa a bath....but then I don't do it. So today I decided it was time. I took Noah outside and put him in his swing while I brushed Tessa.

He loves to swing.

And he loved watching Tessa be brushed. Really she did a whole lot better then she usually does when I brush her.

Mr. Cutie Pants

So then I thought okay surely this will go okay. Noah will watch her take a bath and probably think it is funny. Which he did....for a few minutes. He then proceeded to find the extra rolls of toilet paper. I told him to please not tear it all up. He didn't. A few seconds later I see the whole roll dropped into the bathtub. Doesn't he know that's a precious commodity? :)
So then while I was sudsing her up in goes a large piece of toilet paper that he had managed to take off before throwing it in, then a paper, then a washcloth (that one....not such a big deal).

Did I mention that Tessa hates taking baths? Please ignore the tub. I know it needs to be scrubbed. BUT, you can look at the water in the tub. Yeah, she needed a bath.

Luckily he hasn't learned to open doors yet, although he is sure trying.

After I rinsed Tessa I was trying to stop Noah from doing something when Tessa jumped out of the tub soaking the floor and me and then proceeded to shake. She ran back and forth in the bathroom and when I finally opened the door she ran out and started rolling her wet body all over the couchs and our bed. I kept chasing her room to room yelling at her to get off. Noah actually thought this part was funny.

Yes. Lesson learned. I will never (ever) bathe her again while I am home alone with Noah. Case closed.

Lesson 2.

Never feed Noah a banana in the living room. No.....never hand him the last little bit of a banana because he will take a few nibbles and then shove the rest in his mouth. He will then proceed to gag on it and try to pull it out of his mouth while you are trying to do the same thing. Then he will fling the mashed up banana and get it all over me and the couch.

That one should have been a no brainer.

All in all, we've had a pretty good day despite these few things. I sure love that little boy.

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Becky said...

Some lessons are hard to learn without trial and error...and a big mess...especially when you're a mother. ;-)