Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A birth, Noah adventures, and a funeral

First things first.....this is my newest nephew. Issac Jason born on June 23. Isn't he adorable? We sure love this little guy.

Noah is getting to be such a busy guy. It is so fun to see him learning new things. He gets so proud of himself when he can do them. He can walk but ....chooses not to I guess. He will walk from Jason to me and back about 4-5 steps but if we aren't playing this "game" then he just crawls....oh well.

He can now climb. He can even get up on our bed now. These things make me nervous but I am also proud. It helps that he has started getting off of things by going feet first (which doesn't mean I haven't had to catch him a few times).

Every once and awhile I hear a word....Jason doesn't believe me because he rarely does it again for awhile and they don't sound exactly like the word but he is saying things. I hear it.

He is still loving a bottle of milk in the morning and evening and occationally mid day (always at church on Sunday). I suppose someday I will have to be tough and take it away but that day is not today. :)

He LOVES playing with his cousins Ethan and Ashton and luckily they love Noah and play with him often. He is facinated with Issac but is jealous when I hold him and is still learning to be gentle. Before I could stop him he hit Issac in the face......sorry little buddy.

Noah has picked up some pretty killer dance moves. It is so much fun to watch him dance. Makes me laugh.

I couldn't figure out where he came up with the new moves though. Then tonight he was watching his Elmocize video that he loves and was dancing to it and I realized that his moves come from their exercises. :) It's pretty adorable. I tried to video him dancing to the video but he of course stopped when I pushed record but here is a clip of the movie that he likes the best.

Can you see how he picked up those moves? Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite learning dance moves from the video.

Sadly, last Monday my brother-in-law Kyle's mother passed away. We are so sorry for your loss Kyle. I knew her a little bit and she was very nice and adored her grandsons. We are so glad she was able to meet Issac before she passed.
 Here is Noah on the way home from the visitation. Notice the pretzels? One in each hand. He was very hungry and very tired......Tired won out.
 Noah and I were able to go to the funeral. It was a beautiful service. When we were leaving the cemetary the funeral director handed out a rose to each person. Noah loved it. He looked so sweet holding it and smelling it.
Is this not a completely precious picture?
Yes.... he took a bite right after I snapped this picture. He made quite the face. Apparantly roses don't taste good.

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