Saturday, August 22, 2009

To cut or not to cut.......

Okay, so my hair is getting really long. Which in a lot of ways is really nice, but, at the same time it tends to drive me crazy. I pull it back all the time since it's hot and I keep getting a bunch of tangles in the under layers and it's driving me batty. I also noticed yesterday that one of my split ends has a split end. So I am thinking of cutting it. I don't know how short to cut it though. I am at my sisters house going through their pictures and I found this old one (taken in 2002). There is a pretty funny story to go along with the lipstick on my cheeks and lips and the little person drawn on my finger (her name was Sister Pointer by the way) but I won't go into that except to say that someone attacked me with lipstick. It was mighty funny. We had so much fun that night even though we did have to run to Walmart and I still looked like that so it was a tad embarrasing but still so funny. ANYWAY, the point is I looked at this picture and wondered if this was the length my hair should be? Any opinions?
Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Oh, and those of you who live in Salem....any ideas on where to go to get it cut because I am NOT going back to where it was cut the last time. Blah.

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Jennifer said...

I say cut it. What the heck. That being said, I had mine cut to about chin length in Januaryish... and it was really only cute for about a month. So basically from March until now (and probably until next January) I'll be thinking "I can't wait until it grows back out." Dang in-between stage.