Friday, August 7, 2009

I couldn't resist.

Well once again my computer is sick (and maybe dying this time) so I haven't been able to blog or post any pictures, which is a shame because I have several to share. However, I'm at my sister Amy's house and as I was looking through her pictures I ran across a couple of them that I just couldn't resist posting. So, here is your long awaited post.
My nephew Zach turned 8 in July and was finally able to be baptized. He doesn't really look all that thrilled in the picture but you can have it on good authority that he has been beyond excited about it and it was just an awesome day for him. Well, us too. He's such a sweetie. He gave so many thumbs up during the program. After the baptism we all came to Mike and Amy's to eat and have Zach's birthday party.
Zach has also been way excited to go to Cub Scouts. I had to put this picture in because he just looks too cute and so proud.

This picture is just so funny. The kid has his arms up so much when he sleeps. Even when he is sitting. So cute.

Need I say more?? I LOVE IT! Amy had bought him those shoes and I had bought him the hat last Christmas before we even knew he was a boy. I had to. Luckily he was a boy and he is SO cute in it. This is the outfit he wore on his first day at church in Columbia. Karen, Mike, and Drew moved to Columbia (not the country) :) last week. Mike starts Law School there in a few weeks. We are sad that they are not as close now but it still isn't too far away and it sure beats Boston or Utah. I talked to Karen on the phone the other day and she told me Andrew wore his hat but then when I saw the picture on Amy's computer I almost died (not literally of course). My hands did go to my mouth as I gasped in a "Holy cow, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen." kind of way. My boys will definatly wear those hats someday. True that. :)

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Renae said...

You DO have some cutie nephews!