Monday, June 29, 2009


Jason and I finally traded in our old car for a newer reliable one that has air conditioning, the windows work, doesn't have 210,000 miles, has two side mirrors, the windshield wipers work, etc. Good news indeed. We bought a 2008 Chevy Malibu LT. We bought it today and we are so excited. So, muster up some excitment and get ready to view our new baby. :)
Yay! Oh, and notice our freshly (finally) cut and weedeated front yard. Double yay!
So clean and awesome.
Look at the back of the front seats. I love how they are carved out a little bit in order to give the person in the back seat more leg room. Coming from a family of tall people I can fully appreciate this. Oh, and the back seats fold down so if I ever decide to go crazy and own skis I can transport them in the trunk AND in the backseat. Sweet. :)
You might as well see the whole car.
Here are our cars side by side. A Ford and a Chevy. Our poor Taurus now has over 150,000 miles. We sure know how to pile on the miles, but it is now paid off and it's still working well for us......except in the winter since the heater doesn't work, BUT the Malibu's heater works. :)


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Natasha said...

Ohh, Malibu's are nice cars! I remember them from the mission. Congrats!

Karen said...

Love that car. The pictures look like they'd be on a magazine or something....