Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Amy!

Today is my sister Amy's birthday. I could go on and on with how much I love and appreciate her but I will sum it up with these few things. She is and always has been very caring. She is so crafty and amazes me with what she makes. She can decide to learn something and then does it wonderfully. One of the things she decided to teach herself was photography and she is amazing at it.
We have so much fun together. I love hanging out with my sisters. It's also important to realize that my sister Laura isn't in this picture and she is included in the fun....just not the picture. :)

It amazes me how much we all look alike (again, Laura too but I have a limited supply of pictures and unfortunatly there weren't any with Laura in them) even though I think we look very different too.

She is a good Mom to her little guy, Zach. She always takes him to many different hands on learning, completely fun trips like the Science Center, Zoo, The Magic House, weekly trips to the library, etc. He knows so many different things and I think that's great.

She married a man who may not be perfect (since none of us are) but is truely perfect for her. He is also very caring and loving and has been just another brother to us from day one. He is always so good to Amy. (So, yeah. I took this picture from your blog too. :) *sheepish grin* I wanted one with Mike in it and I think you look so cute in this picture.)
So, on this very special day I just wanted you to know, Amy just how much I love you.
Happy Birthday!!


Ana-Maria said...

Happy Birthday Amy!

Renae said...

Yeah, Amy is utterly the best! She is my #1 favorite unrelative! All you Barnards are pretty awesome.

Karen said...

Hi. This is your blog. Why don't you love me anymore? I need you to update me for me to feel like I have merit. Put some pictures up of that little baby. He's pretty cute.