Sunday, October 5, 2008

So I found this website where you can upload pictures of you and your husband and it shows you what your children would look like....roughly. I sure hope it's not entirely correct because holy cow. Well first off I uploaded a picture of me and then one of Jason. This is the picture we got.

Either I've got a lot of explaining to do......or Jason and I will have to adopt after all. :) Really it must have turned out this way because the picture of Jason was shadowy so he looked darker than me. So my sister Amy lightened up the picture on photoshop and this is our new little girl.

A tiny bit better. At least it's a little bit more accurate. She is at least the same race as us.

Here is our little boy. Amazing how much he looks like his sister right? :) Good times.


Anonymous said...

I like the first one. The baby is black like me, and looks like Obama. Good times without a doubt.

lizS said...

that's so funny! of course, the real thing will be different. our kids are a good mix of john and me.

timpani76 said...

Your kids will be way cuter!

Erik & I have a blog now about our kids, if you want to check it out: