Monday, September 1, 2008

The end of August

School. What can I say about school. School is good. School is great. School makes you smarter. I wish I was done with school. :) I'm back in school this semester and am still freaking out since I have papers, papers, and more papers to do this semester. I'm taking Health, English 102, Marriage and the Family, and Child Psychology. Fun times. I really do like to learn but I HATE papers. It's mostly the English research paper I freak out about. Yikes. I suppose I will move on to better subjects. (I just laughed out loud at my choice of words - oh yeah).

We had 3 birthdays in our family this month. I already wrote about my brother's birthday a few posts ago. Our nephew Vincent had his birthday on the 22nd. A year ago I was able to be there when he made his grand appearance. That was pretty awesome. Now that sweet baby is 1 years old. Here are a couple of pictures of him on his birthday.

Here's Vincent at his birthday lunch......well, we went out to lunch on his birthday. What a cutie.

Here is the little birthday cake I made just for Vincent. Every 1 year old should get to smash their own cake.

I think it was a success. Could he be any cuter?

Then on the 26th Jason's mom had a birthday. I forgot my camera that day so I had to steal a picture from a family friend who had hers.

She's pretty darn cute herself. What a good family we have.


timpani76 said...

My birthday is in August too! It's a great month for birthdays ;)

Your mother in law sure is cute! Oh, and sure babies have that baby thing, so of course he's cute too!

Natasha said...

Cute cake! Good luck in school. What is your major?

Eyepoke said...

hey! when did you get a blog?! did i know you had a blog? you are totally going in my favorites. cute pics, btw!