Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A little late then never. Easter. I borrowed my sister-in-law Serena's camera and cable so I could download my pictures onto our laptop. We had a good Easter. Noah got to see what the Easter Bunny left him. He liked it. Then we went to church. The First Presidency asked that people bear their testimonies on the Savior and that was a good idea. I spent all of Sacrament Meeting pondering how grateful I am to Him and thinking about all He has done for me in my life.

Noah enjoying his Easter Basket.
His favorite thing was the fruit snacks but he really loved taking everything out and then playing with the Easter grass. I had to take it away at that point. Didn't want Easter ruined by him puking up Easter grass. :)

After church we went to Jason's grandma's house and had lunch with the family. We had such a good time being together. After lunch we headed outside for an Easter egg hunt.
Noah finding an egg with the help of Daddy. (He didn't really care which surprised me because he has been playing with the plastic Easter eggs for months - I think he was tired.)
Family group shot.
Noah and Jason - Noah has discovered the joy of candy. He doesn't get much but he now knows how good it is. Here he is eating a (not too) sour gummy worm from the egg he found.
Noah and me - it's so hard to get that kid to look at the camera. :)
The guys were having a chin up contest on the clothesline pole so we had to get Noah in on the action.
I think he won.
I was seriously so excited that it was Noah's first repeat holiday. After the egg hunt we watched the other kids dye eggs. Well I did while Noah had meltdowns because he had missed his nap. So we headed home and Noah got to have a little nap. Then we went on a walk with many family members. It was such a beautiful day and we had such a wonderful holiday.

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