Monday, February 28, 2011

36 Weeks

I am now 36 weeks! It still seems like a lifetime away but I know it really isn't much time. This is an ultrasound of our little guy at 33 weeks. Cute, huh? I can't wait to meet him. They did a growth test at Thursday's ultrasound and he was weighing around 5 lb 3 oz. One more month and he will be here. I am so excited even though in a way it doesn't seem like it is really going to happen. It almost feels like this is all a fantasy. But, it's not and soon we'll have our son here and life will be so different. Which is kind of scary but so exciting.
This weekend our friends Nick and Karissa came and painted the baby's room. It turned out really nice. All my sisters and my mom were here also for a girls weekend. They also helped clean and organize his room. It's not totally finished but it is looking good. Thanks again to everyone. My mom has been here for several weeks now helping out her invalid daughter. :) I really am so thankful for her sacrifice. She is amazing.
And the baby is once again pressing down on my bladder. Thank you sir. Now please stop. Actually my mom made chocolate chip cookies and I ate a few. Now the baby is bouncing around in there like it's his own personal fun house. He must have liked them...............I did too.

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