Saturday, November 3, 2012


I figure I better get with it and post about Halloween before I just decide it's been too long and to move on to another topic. The day before Halloween we carved our pumpkin.
This was Noah's first pumpkin and although he doesn't look thrilled, he really enjoyed it.

He was really interested in what Jason was doing. He kept grabbing the pumpkin with both hands and pulling it down to look inside.

Then the town trick or treating was that night so Noah (and Jason) got dressed up. Cute little Kermit.

I had a hard time getting good pictures of it.

We met up with the family and a few friends to go trick or treating together. Here he is with Jason's mom. Our town has a pretty neat set up. You can go door to door but they also have businesses up and down Main Street that sit outside their business and pass out candy. It's pretty crowded but I like it. Makes it a lot safer I think.

Here's Noah outside the firehouse. He didn't really understand that people were giving him candy (although he does like to eat it) but he loved walking around downtown.

Jason gutted the pumpkin and I carved it. Jason picked the design. :) We turned the lights off and said, "ooooo" so Noah kept looking at it and saying "oooooo" over and over.

On Halloween we went to our church Trunk or Treat. Jason wanted Noah to be Thing 2 but we just didn't have the time to get it ready. It would have been pretty cute.

Jason was in charge of a game at the Trunk or Treat so he did pumpkin bowling. It was a huge hit with all of the kids. They kept getting back in line for it. Our nephew Vincent is there as Thomas the train and I know he's blurry but Ashton is the bowler.

Noah wouldn't eat at the church (big surprise Mr. Picky) so he didn't eat until we got home. He had a late dinner. He did have a nice little tantrum at the church where he screamed and head butted me. He's getting pretty good at those. But, we had a good Halloween and now we are ready to move to Thanksgiving!
So excited for the next 2 holidays!

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Mom said...

Looks like you had a good Halloween. We tuned a piano in St. James, ate Subway subs and then had the elders over to carve the pumpkin. Final product on my blog. It was the closest thing to having a child around to help carve it.