Thursday, September 15, 2011


Well my mom has been here for a little over a week (will explain in a minute) and is leaving this morning so I figured I'd better make a post before she leaves and takes her computer. It's so hard to decide which pictures of Noah to put on here because I think they are almost all adorable. I don't think however that everyone is interested in seeing every picture ever took of my son. Wierd as that is. :) The top picture is Noah just a few days ago at 5 months.
Noah is learning to sit up. He can probably really do it but he feels the need to reach for his toes and goes face first most of the time. He does a lot of leaning forward still. He also has discovered here lately the joy of being upside down and has also learned how fun it is to fall backwards while sitting up and have me catch him. He's only done that a few times but oh what fun. All fun and games until Mommy doesn't catch you in time. But, that day is not today. He has rolled from his tummy to his back a few times but is mostly content to lay on his back and roll side to side. He is in no hurry to roll, especially since he hates being on his stomach. HATES.
I love this picture. He just looks so adorable sitting there. I know he's my kid so I am a bit biased but I just think he is such a little cutie. Love my boy. He loves to be kissed and loves to kiss. I even realized the other day that he understands the word kiss and sleep. He doesn't like that last word. It's a 4 letter word to him you know.
When I feed Noah baby food I tend to make mmmm noises and say num num a lot to keep him interested I guess. I have noticed before him making lots of mmmmm noises as he is eating but it wasn't until yesterday that I noticed him saying or trying to say nums in there too. It happened a few times during one feeding and then a few times the next feeding. One time very clearly. CUTEST. THING. EVER. My mom noticed this too so it's not just me. :) Poor kid probably thinks that's what you are supposed to do when you eat. It'll be my fault when he comes home from kindergarten crying because the kids teased him at lunch when he kept saying mmmmm and num. :) No, but seriously. Adorable right. The kid is 5 months old.

Okay so why my mom has been here. I had a large ovarian cyst that wouldn't go away so last Thursday I had surgery to remove it. The surgery went well and I even got to keep my ovary and I am healing well. My doctor is amazing. I seriously recommend him to anyone living in this area. It has been a bad medical year for me. I had never been in the hospital before or had any surgeries before and this year I have been hospitalized twice and had surgery twice (or maybe three if you count my incision being opened again). I don't think I posted about that.

I mentioned the blood clot I had while pregnant with Noah and about the need for an emergency C-Section. Well two days after getting home with Noah my incision started bleeding out a lot. We went to my doctor who said that because of the blood thinners it created something like blood pockets or something to that effect. He drained it and we hoped it would work. That night it kept bleeding out several times so the next day (yes the doctor told me I should have gone to the emergency room) the doctor had to open the incision to let it heal from the inside out. Crazy I know. I got an infection in the wound and had to have IV antibiotics for about 10 days. It took 3 months for that stupid wound to completely close but it finally did. It has been a long year but a good year. One I would do over and over again for my boy. Which is a good thing because those things may happen again with another child since I will be on blood thinners from the time I find out I am pregnant.

I am off blood thinners now and only take a baby asprin a day. So that is my crazy medical year in a nutshell. Thanks to my mom again for selflessly coming and helping me.
We are doing well. Loving our Noah and getting ready for Fall, which even though it's not officially here and still occationally gets warm, it still feels like it's here and I love it. I can't wait for fall and Noah's first Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas (hello - way exciting).

So I must end this crazy long post so that my mom can pack up and go which makes me sad. I really enjoy her help and more honestly her company. I wish all my family lived closer together. I love my family. I am now rambling so I am ending this now. :)


Karen said...

He is so adorable! And I mis-read your post and thought it said "selfishly came to help". I was so confused.

Natalie said...

Love the cute hat and the "num nums!" And glad that you got to keep your ovary ;) It might come in handy some day.

Karen said...

The little owl/fall background is soooo cute. I need to make my background cute again. :) Oh, and yeah, the picture with the hat is SERIOUSLY the cutest thing ever. Seriously. (Don't tell my kids.)

Today's Gift said...

Noah is too adorable! And I'm really glad your medical problems ended well. Hope you're feeling back to yourself now.