Thursday, February 25, 2010

Food Storage

Okay not that I'm going to start blogging about my imperfections every post but one thing I need to add to that list is that I need to learn how to do food storage and actually do it. I know how to buy extra cans of food and that type of thing but I'm kind of a dunce at how to do the flour, sugar, etc. Does food storage seem overwhelming to anyone else? I need some tips if anyone has them. I did buy 4 cans of chicken noodle soup to start my storage. They were on sale for 2/$1. Yay! I'm progressing!
I need to find a place to store them though. I suppose storage needs to include toothpaste, deoderant, contact solution, soap, etc, huh? I did see that a friend of mine has a link to a food storage site. I added it to my contact list but haven't actually looked at it much yet.
So if anyone has any hints or good ideas about food storage let me know. I already know to buy an extra something when I go out shopping (I just don't do it *sheepish grin*) but it's other things that I just get overwhelmed with. I know it can't really be that hard. I just get overwhelmed with the idea of it and so my brain thinks it's difficult. Silly ol' brain.


timpani76 said...

I started with white rice in old 2 liter soda bottles. White rice lasts 20+ years in food storage. I also found other plastic storage things to put flour and sugar in. They were bulk animal cracker containers (from Erik's office). I also save stock up on toilet paper, soap, deoderant, tooth paste. I normally just buy one or two of those when they are on sale. It really adds up!

Tiffany said... is a great place to order lots of products like freeze dried fruit etc. No matter how much you order your shipping only costs $4.95 and if you sign up for their emails you can get 10% off your orders every other month or so. My friend recommended it to me.

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