Friday, February 27, 2009


It's sad when your life is so boring that all you have to post is things about your dog. That's another post about Tessa. Actually, life was boring up until I uploaded the pictures and then things got interesting again. So here I was doing laundry yet again and water started pouring up out of the drain....AGAIN. I can not even tell you how upset I am about it. This will be the third plumbing problem we have had with this house in the last 5 months. Anybody want a house that's wonderful when you don't have problems? I'm only half kidding of course but seriously this house is going to end up costing us a fortune. Sigh.

Then I called my mother-in-law to get some sympathy and she told me that my sister-in-law, Becky, is getting married in 3 weeks. This is only half a shock. Her fiance is going into the military so are trying to get married before he leaves for basic training because they will be going directly to California. For awhile we didn't think the wedding would even be here but it is. I'm so happy and excited for her. On the other hand I only have 3 weeks to lose um......too much weight. :( Yet another example of how I should have been working on that a long time ago and this problem wouldn't be a problem. I also have to find a formal dress that looks good on me that isn't too expensive (remember the plumbing. Grrr.) Becky just picked a color and us bridesmaids will find a dress of our choice in that color. Well anyway, such is a day in the life of me.

So, back to Tessa. I've been saying for days now that I need to give her a bath. Well, after I got home from work I let her outside and since it has rained it is muddy. She came back in with her little feet muddy so I plunked her in the tub and gave her a bath. She hates it but she is good. She doesn't try to jump out. Well, since it is cold and also because she has a habit of running into the living room after her bath and jumping on the couch to rub her wet body all over it, (eww) I decided for the first time to try to blow dry her some. She did not like it but tolerated it as much as she could. Basically she ran back and forth in the bathroom while I tried to blow dry her. I had Jason bring the camera in because she was so fluffy. It was hilarious. Here she is.

Now like I said she always jumps on the couch and rubs her wet body all over it (again, eww). Well I found her on our bed. I decided since I had the camera in my hands to take a couple pictures before I called her away from the bed. This is her rolling around trying to get the dreaded water off of her. What a goober.


timpani76 said...

Before I had kids, I would have blogged about my cats all the time. As it is, I blog about them enough ;) Animals are such a joy to our lives!

Becky said...

Dude your dog is crazy! And we don't have cable either. They are on It's is on Wednesday nights and LOST is usually on by Thursday night. But is more enjoyable to watch a whole season at your opposed to waiting a whole week for another one. It's a great season though and all the episodes are online!